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shrubs etc

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I am using Vectorworks architect 2013, I need some hedges, obv. I dont have landmark or access to those libraries, is there any way I can buy a hedge and shrubs. I have a deadline for tuesday, I have tried using artlantis hedges, they are not so great!!! HELP PLEASE


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There is a hedge plugin for VW called "Foliage" available at http://www.andreafacchinello.it

I've never used it, but it looks like it might do what you need.

You could also search Turbosquid for some 3D models of shrubs (http://www.turbosquid.com/Search/Index.cfm?keyword=shrub&x=0&y=0). Just be sure to only get medium to low polygon models, anything else will bog down/crash Vectorworks. I wouldn't go much above about 20,000 polygons. If it's just one or two plants in a scene you could probably go as high as 50,000 polys. If you're putting a lot in I'd keep it down to between 2,000 - 5,000 polys per plant model. Get .3ds file format to import into VW. I don't think VW can import .obj or .fbx, otherwise I would use one of those.

You can also buy Xfrog plants at http://www.xfrog.com (they are also on Turbosquid) but I would stay away from their 3D models as they will definitely crash VW, way too many polygons. They also sell 2D images of their plants you can use to make Image Props in VW. They have a bunch of free models in both 3D and 2D somewhere on their site that you can download and try first.

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