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Batch printing sheets DOUBLE sided



Does anyone know of the correct method to batch print a series or selection of sheets utilizing both sides of the paper?

My printer permits "two-sided" (double sided sided) printing. I have successfully done so from PDF booklets. It seems such an unnecessary step to export from VW to pdf and then re-assemble the pages before one can print a booklet. When I attempt to print from VW using batch printing the sheets still come out one-sided even though I've selected the two-sided option in the printer dialog.



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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

What about batch creating a multi-sheet PDF (as it's not a bad idea to keep a record set) and then print that multi-shett PDF to your printer, double-sided? I know it's doesn't directly do what you were hoping for, but for a work-around at least your' left with something useful in the record set.

Having experience with many printers/plotters over the years, my guess is that it *might* be a printer driver issue... For example, I recall older HPs would simply NOT rotate a page correctly no matter what I tried.

Which version of VW and OS are you using, and what printer are we talking about? (You might want to add this info to your automatic signature as it tends to help people when they're assisting here.)


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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Regular "Print Double Sided" should indeed be an option in your printer configuration directly, not from Vectorworks. However that kind of double sided is just to save paper normally.

If you mean the pamphlet-style printing where each page is double sides but oriented such that a stack can be stapled or bound together into a booklet format, then that may be something for the wishlist. Some word processing applications and most graphical design software includes and interface for that so it wouldn't be unreasonable.

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