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Decativating computer from license

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I have a vwx 2013 fundamentals license running installed on to my desktop and also my laptop for when im out and about, ive recently purchased a new laptop which ive had to put my serial number onto.

I believe you can only have each serial number installed on 2 machines (only running one at once), how can i deactivate the serial off my old laptop ?

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I was wrong. I ran into this problem yesterday. I learned you can only have your license installed on two machines, and only run one at a time. If you've activated on two machines within the past 90 days, and then try to add it to a third machine, irrelevant of whether or not it was deinstalled from one of the other two machines, then your stuck having to call and have Nemetschek fix the activation for you. Problem there is they can't just fix it, they have to move it along to another department and then you wait. I was told 24 hours to make it work again. I'm still waiting to use my Vectorworks. I think this is a bad system that needs to be changed.

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Floating License's seem to do the trick. Rhino allows you to install the program on as many machines as you like. But you purchase a certain number of license's which float in the "cloud," when you start the program, that machine its on goes and searches the licensee cloud server for your available licenses to open and run the program. Once you are using all of them, the other machines wont be able to open the program if someone starts it, not until one of the machines currently operation the program is closed and releases the license it was using. Works great so far. Seems like a logical way to go about it i.m.o.


Searched this because I am about to purchase a new machine for operations and retire my laptop. So I was wondering how Vectorworks handled this... Seems I need to call and get their process rolling.

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