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How do I use the datum tool to plot points of a polygon?

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This seems like a no brainer, but I can't figure it out. I would like to draw a polygon in relation to another polygon that I drew.

For example:

1. I draw a polygon.

2. I choose the polygon tool to draw a second polygon.

3. I click a vertex of the original polygon to get started.

4. I would like to snap the second point of that polygon an x and y distance from some other point on the original polygon.

5. I hover over the point that I want to reference and press "G" to get the datum circle.

6. The little datum circle appears but when I tab into the floating data bar the data is still in relation to the last point I clicked.

This must be simple but I just don't see it.


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Contrary to popular belief, CAD always requires a brain. Sometimes a little prompting is all it takes to get it on track.

When you set your datum, tab into the X & Y fields to enter your data and not the Delta X & Y fields. The Datum sets your new (0, 0) point and X & Y are now relative offsets to the new datum. The Delta X & Y fields will always refer to the segment you are drawing which is always relative to the last point you added to your Poly.

Don't forget to tab out of the field(s) you are typing into to get your data to stick.



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