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Why did it take so long? - A simple deck

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not sure why i'm obsessed with how long things take.

my original idea was to make a video for clients, not architects/engineers, but home owners. however, it seems like the opening of the video is a little too much of me being flippant. (just trying to get the point across)

what i wish for is a series of videos that can educate home owners in all that goes into a project. (see attached image 15 steps) granted not all projects need the 15.

maybe that is a bad idea. most jobs start small and then get big, if a client was told the full scope of project up front then we may lose much of our work. still i like to tell people all that is involved up front. that way when they ask how things are going, you can point to where your are in the process.

so here it is with all its attitude:

"This video is an attempt to understand what goes into making construction drawings. We have the tendency to look at a project, see it in its simplest form and say "that's easy...not much involved with that" then under estimate the time involved. Hopefully this video will remind us why things take longer that we first think."

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Great presentation! I guess it could be a useful too for the potential client who doesn't easily see the "value" associated with the work we do. The more out there that promotes the value of professional, informed design, the better it is for the industry as a whole.

For those that may have a hard time paying for "value", perhaps this will get them to either sh!t or get off the pot.

Like any tool, it is likely not going to help everyone and could have the potential of creating fear and uncertainty in some potential clients (that won't proceed because it "isn't so simple".

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