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Section Viewports moving reference

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I have model my Kitchens in 3D.

I've set up a kitchen 1-25 Plan View Port

I've used the Section viewport tool to create elevations of my model.

I've annotated the view ports with dimensions.

What a nice work flow.

UNTIL Vectorworks decides for some reason changes the view port reference crop for ever fricken view. I now have to move each crop, then move all the annotations to line through this is WASTING MY TIME.

See you later vectorworks, this is beyond a joke.

Come some one try this please

Create a section view port.

Draw a box around the object.

Click reverse section view. The sectioned view moves to the left.

Click reverse section view again. You would expect this to reverse the view so the section is back inside the box you drew. For me it moves to the left again.

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Assembly, I have just tested your suggestion on a model of mine and I'm not experiencing what you are. I can round trip the Section View using 'Reverse View' and the original view is restored as it originally was.

Question: are both your Design Layer and Sheet Layer origins central to the page? If not how far from the centre of the page are they?

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Assembly, I've just noticed that you are using Vw 2011. I tested in Vw 2013 but I can say that I have never experienced the Section behaviour you are describing in any version of Vw I have used, including Vw 2011.

You should consider upgrading to Vw 2014 when it is released. There are always improvements in each release and I have never yet wanted to go back to an earlier version. I say that as a user for over 20 years who has used every version there has been since Minicad+ 4.

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Hi. I have definitely experienced this with every version since the Section VP wa introduced (not v2013, but haven't tested for it). What I found was the section line instances were imploding.

Select the section VP and reinsert the section line instance in the design layer. If the same issue as mine, it will likely be off in the distance and you may need to zoom right in to see that the section line points are very close together. Place these back to where they should be, and it shoul be okay. No idea why it happens.

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Troy, I've just tried what you suggest and I still don't see it happening. If you have a repeatable situation where that happens you should bug list it.

The best workflow is to have the Section Line Instances visible in the Plan Viewports on the Sheet Layers. If you have to have them on the Design Layers place them into a Class of their own so they can be made invisible. That way they won't be visible when you are rotating the model. Another option is to put them in a design Layer of their own which you can make non visible when you don't want to see them.

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Hi Mike,

The issue with this is that is has never been repeatable. I have raised it with Julian Carr, and we couldnt reproduce it. From recollection, it would happen to me after I would do a reference update, or if I was rendering hidden line and ran out of memory. But even then, it would only raise it's head at the most inconvenient moment.

As for the location of the section markers, I agree. I create a Grids layer to be used by all layers, and common reference markers.

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Here is a quick video of what happens.

This is a brand new file.

1 Design Layer, 1 Extrude Object.

Section VP.

Reverse direction.

Low Res movie.


As to bug summit and upgrade.

I'm at the point now that I'm not intending to upgrade VW. I'm sick of the wasted work around time, I have no faith that VW 2014 will be any less buggy.

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'this has been fixed by an upgrade'

I suspect this contributes to why a lot of people on this forum are down on Vectorworks.

When I pay for software, I'd expect that bugs are fixed in the features I have paid for. IMO having to pay to upgrade to get the bugs fixed is wrong.

I don't think I am alone in my desire for a stable platform that works the way it is advertised.

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Justin, the problem you are experiencing doesn't happen with every Section Viewport in every file so there has to be a cause that lurks within your file or files. If you can determine what that cause is you can eliminate your problem. In the short term the easiest way to eliminate the problem would be to get your Section VP direction right first time around so you don't need to reverse the Section direction.

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