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Create a sail?

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MK is the master at this, but I found a way. I'll bet there are many other ways. I attached my file. I started in front view, drew the curve as a polyline, the top and bottom (widths) as lines, and then I converted all of them to NURBS. I switched to top view and rotated the curve 90?, back to front view and I aligned the top and bottom lines centered at the top and bottom of the curve (which now looks like a straight line), back to right view and aligned the top and bottom lines to the top and bottom of the curve (hard to see them in right view since they are single points there). Then I used the Loft Surface Tool Brail Sweep mode. I selected in this order the bottom line, top line, then the center curve, click the check mark to bring up the dialog box. Do a preview to see the results, looks good click OK. Now look at it in right ISO, good, render it, good, go back to front view and double click the shape to enter edit mode and move the side center vertices in a bit one at a time to make the curved edges of the sides. Sounds like a lot, but it took me less time to do it (and I was experimenting) then it did to write this!

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I think the easiest way is to work from your plan. Draw a line along the top and bottom of your sail shape. Draw a third line parallel to the top and bottom somewhere in the middle. Covert all three lines to NURBS curves. Assign a Z height to the top line. Assign a Z height to the middle line that is more than half your overall height. Loft using No Rail mode while in plan view. You can see how it conforms to your plan view right away. Check it in 3D. If the curve's not quite right, undo and adjust the height/length of the middle line.



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Thanks Kevin

I have managed after 2 hours to crteate this, well not quite what I wanted as working with Loft Birail is interesting and frustrating as the point move in one plane as you want, but select another on a different plane. So a bit skew but looks OK.

I will try your method a bit later as it seems a bit easier and more controlled

Thanks again and I will get back on this soon.

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VW is definitely not friendly for moving NURBS points. Its confusing that the OIP defaults to moving the whole object if you try and do it numerically. If you try and do it by grabbing points, you need to lock to one axis for it to be intuitive. I actually wish you could lock to two axes since you almost always want to move across a plane (C4D allows this flexibility). I had one project where I was constantly moving points and I tended to do it numerically.


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