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Roof Tool Enhancements: Component Handling and Connecting

Luke Gilmer


It would be wonderful if the roof tool had the ability to manage components like the wall tool, with the similar ability to make component offsets. I could create the inner finishes (wood, drywall, etc), roof core, insulation, decking, paper, shingles. Right now, I can only use the roof tool for the core. All other components I add individually.

Secondly, to get multiple gabled roofs to connect perpendicularly is difficult, with attic areas open to each other. I can use the Connect/Combine Tool to nicely join one roof face to another (I have to first ungroup the roof into individual faces). Then I have to 'cut' out the other gable's roof face using Jonathan Pickup's method of selecting that roof, then Modify>Edit Group and placing a 2D 'cutting/masking' polygon overlay. Magically, when I place this 2D object, and then exit the Edit window, the roofing tool performs a subtraction with clean vertical miter cuts. This is great, but not documented and requires a lot of steps. It would be great if I could simply use the Connect/Combine Tool to select one roof (without having the ungroup it into separate roof faces) and select the other roof, and they would neatly trim themselves and have their attics open to each other.

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