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Detail Bubble Tool

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The Detail Bubble Tool in the Dims/Notes tool set has several bubble styles and can auto populate Parts List and Bill of Materials worksheets.

Is there a way to make the worksheet item number (or some new column) show the bubble number inside its surrounding bubble shape? ie a 2 inside a hexagon to match the similar graphic on the drawing?

Or is there some other tool used to display key legends with these different bubbles in the item number column?



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Sort of, but that seems to always show the bubble with the leader/arrow, and the item number is rotated. Adjusting rotation in Format Cells causes the leader to rotate in the cell, but the number never orients properly. That's a lot of clicks for each cell, and it doesn't complete the task.

I was planning to have several legends each displaying info for a separate shape of bubble. This can't be too uncommon. I could draw a poly around each number?



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