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VW not saving file, but no errors


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I have VW 2009 and it happend twice that a file on the server did not save at all.

I manually save a file while working on it several time an hour ansd also the autosave is on as backup, every 15 minutes.

It happends twice now, differend files, differend computer (osx 10.5 and osx 10.6) that after working a half day on a file and manualy saving it and also autosaving it, the files had not been saved after reopening them the next day.

You see in the VW screen the file is being saved, and no error comes to the screen.

The file did not save and the autosave did not save anything either.

Strange is that after discovering this and doing al the work again to the file everything works normal. Somehow it seems VW had a kind of error that was temparary and invisible for the user. As said, everything looked alright on the screen.

Does someone know this problem?

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