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Wall tool to have external cladding profiles

Joey Parsonson



Would be great to be able to assign a certain cladding profile to the outer face of an external wall such as horizontal weatherboards, vert shiplap, coloursteel roofing profiles, pretty much ay profile you can create as maybe a symbol that was used as a profile which would auto cutout around windows etc. Would give renders a much more advanced realistic look as opposed to just using textures.



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If they just included Displacement Mapping it might do the trick, or at least offer an alternative. See this video about displacement mapping in Cinema 4D (if you jump to 5:07 you'll see an example using a brick wall - bump vs displacement maps):

part 2 (continues with brick wall - starts right off with a nice example):

Whether they could get it to work with hidden line renderings is another question.

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Thats sounds good. Even if the external profile as set up as another wall component in wall style pref. & you could have a hole range of different wall profiles saved as symbols i.e. bevel back w/b, shiplap, horizontal corrugate or other steel roofing profiles which in NZ quite often get used as wall claddings. Then on the other hand how long will this stretch out rendering times to produce more realistic 3D images as reaslistic renderings with renderworks are already time consuming enough at the mo... Only if they could add these new features & remain with fast realistic renderings without having to upgrade to 100 core processors (bit of an exaggeration).


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