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How do I build a raked stage in 3-D

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I am trying to extrude a raked stage. It is 22'x24' in ground view, raked, starting at 6" from the deck it rests on, finishing at a height of 17".

What's the best way to extrude a rake?

This might be an elementary question, but I have looked through my tutorials and online and cannot find the answer to this question.

Thank you!

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Firstly welcome to the forums on behalf of everyone!

I've attached a link to some images to go along with these steps, I would have recorded a video... maybe later: http://www.fileswap.com/dl/cKBfcMlP3H/


Step 1: Draw your 22' x 24' rectangle representing your stage. I like to double click the rectangle icon and type it in.

Step 2: Extrude your rectangle to the total height of the rake (17"). Apple + E on mac, Control + E on PC.

Step 3: Jump in a right or left view and start drawing a rectangle. I prefer 3 point mode (change it at the top to the last option). Click once at the highest point of your stage then head to the lower end, press tab twice and you'll get to input a change in Y. I chose -11" which is the difference from 17" to 6", click again and then draw a rectangle as shown in step 4.

Step 4: Hopefully what you have after step 3.

Step 5: Extrude your new rectangle to be wider than your entire stage, I chose 30'.

Step 6: From a Top/Plan view move the two extrudes so they overlap fully, then select both and chose to subtract solids.

Step 7: Make sure the small object (what we're keeping from this and cutting into) is selected in red.

Step 8: Hopefully that's what you're looking for!

Let us know how you go, good luck!



Ps: Sorry that my background is blue, I was chroma-keying some stuff before.

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Solid Subtraction works as James describes.

Or in top/plan draw the 22x24 and extrude to 17", switch to side view and cut it on the diagonal with the split tool in line or trim mode. Draw a guide object first if needed so the split passes through that 6" height.

Or start in side view and draw the side profile (6"x22'x17" polygon) and extrude that to 24'. (or did I mix up the width and depth?)

Or extrude the 22x24 in top view, Convert to Mesh, switch to side view and use the selection tool to marquee around one top corner (don't dbl click). This selects the near point and the far point of that corner. Now click that corner drag it down to the 6" height.

Other ways, too.

Have fun!


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