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Displaying a variable as a number rather than dimension?

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I have a variable that I want to display in the object info palette.

For instance, the value of the variable is 9.

I set up a static text and use a setfield to display the 9 in the OIP. For some reason the 9 is displayed as 9" rather than 9. If I change the variable to 12 it displays 1'-0". How do I get it to display 12 instead of 1'-0"?



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Thank you, I was originally using Num2StrF(). Your suggestion to use Num2Str() has solved my problem.


I attempted to convert the real to an integer first and it remained in the dimension form.


The fields I'm using to do the calculations are Dimensions. The field I'm using to display my calculation is Static Text. Therefor, I needed a way to convert the dimension to a real number.


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Using Concat() to make a string of a number could have solved it too I think.

There is a difference between Concat and Num2Str, basically format control. Num2Str will let you set the number of decimal places you see from 0 to 10. Concat will show all decimal digits (up to 15 if they exist). Both are useful in their own right.


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