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Import Plant Symbol


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I understand how to import a new plant symbol using the Resource Browser from the Plant Object file into the VW file I am working on. But how do I make that new plant symbol a default symbol so it will be available in all future VW files instead of just the one I am working on now?


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When I import a new plant symbol, I go to the Resource Browser, right-click (mac) on a plant symbol, choose Import, and a new window opens called Import Symbol(s). In the new window there are two radio buttons: Preserve Folder Hierarchy and Select Destination Folder. If I choose the former the destination is fixed. If I choose the latter, the only choice I am given is the file I am actually working on at that time. Nowhere do I see how I could choose the User folder or Workgroup folder.

How can I select that as a destination folder?


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you can select your user folder or workgroup folder when you export plants, not when you import them. I suggest you try working through the getting started guides from Vectorworks.


you could also try getting a good manual on landmark:


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Thank you for the links.

Actually I have watched all the Landmark video tutorials and also checked the Knowledge Base and also Vectorworks help. I found nothing that addressed this issue in the first two, and in VW help I found this:

To export resources:

1. In the Resource Browser, select the resource(s) to export.

2. Select Export from the Resources menu.

However, when I select a resource in the Resource Browser and then go to the Resources menu, there are 6 choices: View As; Show Object Types; Find Resource; New Resource in...(file name); Import; and Reference. There is no "Export" choice available.

Is there a different Resource Browser somewhere else that has Export?

(I am trying to export plant symbols from Plant Objects in the Resource browser to my User Folder so they will be always available in my Plant tool.)


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