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Schedule Fluidity and Efficiency


The existing process of placing a schedule on a plan and then modifying it in any manner is antiquated and inefficient. (My experience is with placing Plant Schedules on plans within Landmarks, but this comment most likely applies to all schedules in VW. )

Placing a Schedule: Rather than a separate menu item to place a schedule, there should simply be a Schedule Tool so that everything in VW works in the same way. The proposed Schedule Tool would allow you place an item, and the tool's preference panel would let you choose what type of item you want to place. Why should schedules be any different from plant symbols or dimensions or a text box or any other object?

Modifying a Schedule: This is the main problem. Once placed on a plan, in order to modify the shape or size of the schedule, the size or attributes of the font used, or the content of any cell, one must first double click on the schedule to open a separate spread-sheet window, then open another series of windows to modify the row height or column width, and yet another window to modify the font attributes. Even changing the content of a cell is done in the old-fashioned way where one can't change the content "in the cell" but must change it in a separate window. The whole process is extremely slow and feels like a throw-back to a previous era of computers.

The Ideal: Schedules should work like any other aspect of VW. The size and shape of the schedule itself should be as easy to place as a rectangle shape or a text box. Modifying the shape and size of the schedule (or any row or column) should be a click-and-drag operation, just like any other shape in VW. Modifying the text style or content should be done through the text menu or the Object Info Palette just as with any other text box in VW. Modifying the content of any cell should happen "in-place" "in-the-cell" without the need for open a secondary window, just like any other text box in VW.

Summary: The schedules in VW feel like a throw-back to an earlier age of computers that have been allowed to remain unchanged within an upgraded software. They are out of place, out of date, and need to be redesigned to improve the overall fluidity and efficiency of the VW experience.

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