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Greatly improved Nomad server functions!!

Vincent C


Why not solve a whole bunch of stuff in this manner!?


I installed the lite version and I could actually control Vectorworks from my iPhone!!!!

Unfortunately you can only zoom, pan and left click (don't know if writing text works on the iPad (perhaps with bluetooth keyboard) using this app) but heck if they can do it so can NV!!!! All NV needs to do is add the necessary functions and make it work over a mobile network.......surely this can be integrated into Nomad and VWs cloud!?

Add a couple of more functions and wow you're off, do everything VWs can remotely on the building site!! Forget all the stupid synchronizing to pdfs back and forth in Nomad, just make your changes, redlines, measurements, walkthroughs, etc. using the real thing, in the actual file!

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This looks like a VNC client or something similar. I use this at home to control my Mac (that's in desk on the second floor) from my iPad in the livingroom. Works great. But I think you should have something native. It's hard to precisely control your computer from a tablet or phone. I wonder how hard it would be to load your drawing (be it pdf) that knows the coordinates of your drawing. So if you add a redline it knows exactly where you draw your line. If this can be done in a pdf the drawing downloaded to your tablet or phone would not be that big. An actual VW BIM file located on your tablet is also an option but fills in more space and will probably need lots of processing power.

Since we're not a VSS member anymore I don't know the latest in development of Nomad, but in this state it's not a selling point....

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OK just a little feedback concerning this:

I have now received my new iPad, purchased as a means to measure and annotate existing buildings on site with in either CAD or PDF (image) format without the need for paper copies.

I have searched and tried several solutions/apps under $15 some of which are horrible and some of which are actually very usable.

1. Nomad: = horrible for this purpose, though syncing and zooming works well, annotation is abominable, text changes size and moves after saving, freehand drawing only partially works (so writing measurements doesn't work) no editable dimensioning. Lots of freezing and crashing after a certain amount of annotation.

2. eDrawings (by Dassault Systems): the one I got to work with and used (before I found ZWCAD touch) can import DXF files, problem is once a DXF is edited and saved it becomes edrw file which cannot be opened by Draftsight, haven't found a way to export the annotated info from the iPad to MacBook?

3. FingerCAD: quite capable for drafting in 2D/3D however quite complicated, can import images however the resolution is bad. Works with DXF imported files. Editing and undoing is limited. No editable dimensions.

4. ZWCAD Touch (didn't have this on sight) however have tried it out since and it seems to be the best solution. Easy to use, works directly with DWGs on Dropbox, easy to edit. Doesn't import pdf/images. No editable dimensions, however the other tools will do the job. And it is free of charge!

I would really like to recommend this to anybody using an iPad, the best program for editing/annotating cad drawings!!



Have tried several pdf solutions but non work fully to satisfaction or cost too much! Will keep searching.....

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