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Worksheet format/Display

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I am fully aware that this probably won't be possible before I ask, but I figure why not.

I am curious if anyone has ever come up with a method for formatting summarized columns in a worksheet as a row, if that makes any sense.

I have noticed on multiple occasions that this would be much cleaner for presentation purposes. I am adding two files with images as examples. In the one item I made a excel document where I attempt to illustrate what I mean, the other is an example where this would be cleaner in a current project.

In a example I have a custom made truss piece record I apply to all my entertainment trussing pieces. When I draw up a job I can than pull out a report summarizing the pieces I would like. Great so far. Now I want to make a spreadsheet for the guys installing the show as to how many pieces of truss and what types make up a lighting position. Okay I can summarize by the position field I made in my record. All good, but now I have in some instances 4 rows or more of the items that make up this position. The first column in them all is the position. I would like to take that column and make it a row that would look like a divider of sorts between positions.

This is I believe a product of the lighting guy in my that has been familiar with Lightwright. On the instrument schedule in light wright you can make data appear with a header that is summarized by position. It looks cleaner. I am attaching a image.

I am fully aware this probably won't be able to be accomplished, but curious if anyone has any ideas on how to do this.


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Your shows are probably 150x bigger than mine, so this may not work for you.

I use two different methods.

One method makes a little instrument schedulette for each lamp bar. I put it next to the lamp bar so it's clear which side the connection is on, which direction the unit numbers go, which direction the circuit numbers go, etc. So when the rental house is prepping the lamp bars they don't get set up backwards.

Just sayin'.

The other method requires a quick explanation.

1. Put the name of the position in a regular cell.

2. In the next row put the labels.

3. The third row is the database row. Use the position name in the criteria.

4. Edit the Criteria. Hit Cancel.

5. In the formula bar replace 'position name' with CONCAT(A1).

6. With the database headers exposed select the row headers for all three rows. Copy.

7. Further down in the worksheet, select 3 row headers. Paste.

8. Then you just need to type in the name of each position.

Hope that makes sense....

The File Manager seems to be broken. I'll email you an example.


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