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Plant Tool 2013

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VW 2013 has improved its Plant Tool by making it possible to modify the size of the plant symbol after placement on the drawing through the Object Info Palette. Now the same symbol can be used for an 8' spread Acer palmatum and a 15' spread Acer palmatum. That improvement was much appreciated.

I was very disappointed to find, however, that the information about the plant name in the tag is still locked to the symbol and cannot be changed in the OIP. That means that one needs a separate and unique symbol for every single plant one might use: genus, species, and variety. The number of symbols required is utterly mind-boggling.

Have I got this wrong? It seems like such a fundamental flaw ? to require a designer to browse through thousands of symbols to find the right plant. Is there any way to modify the plant name so that the same generic symbol (deciduous tree for instance) can be used for any plant of that type?

Thank you.


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You might try using the Existing Tree tool instead of the Plant Tool. Also, once you have one plant symbol, you can Duplicate it and change only the info unique to the new symbol you are creating. And yes, you should be able to create a generic Deciduous Tree symbol if that's all you need.

I'm very new to VW but I'm happy to help if I can!


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I operate with about 150 plant symbols and modify the plant on a per basis.

What I mean is I have my most commonly used plants but if I need to change the species of a couple to use something i normally do not just adjust by way of "get plant data" and if you need you can quickly duplicate and save that plant for future use. There is no real need to have a plant for every genus, species, and variety.

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