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Raster images

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Thanks TS this worked beautifully. I was able to do exactly what I was looking for. Do you have any tips for working with large raster images. These are tiff files that are 30"x42" (at 100%) that were done at 300 dpi. So they are pretty hefty. I have a 2.0 ghz dell, with 512 mb of ram and a 64 mb video card - but I still experience some delay when move around on the drawing.

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A PNG image file is alot smaller in size and still gives you good quality images. This will keep the delay down also.

Just about any image program supports this file type.

Tiff and BMP images are large in size before importing them into VW. After they've been imported in VW, the size of the VW file gets huge in most cases. Using a more compressed image type such as PNG, will keep the file size down tremendously.

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Actually, I just prepared two docuements with the exact same image (one image saved in TIFF (LZW compressed) format, and the other with the same image in PNG format). The PNG file was a little smaller before importing, but after importing to VW, the files were the exact same size.

I suppose this is because VW stores the images in a completely uncompressed form, so the superior compression of PNG doesn't help after import.

Unless I've missed some setting, there is no way to compress bitmap graphics in VW. So it doesn't really matter what image format we use; it seems the only options are to use vector graphics formats (i.e. vector PICT) or deal with massive file sizes.

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Yes C. Deel, you hit the nail on the head.

I try to stick with EPS files (without the preview) if I really need to keep file sizes down. Otherwise I just save to a compressed directory on Windows 2000.

I think with all the new image based features introduced in VW 10 (Better texturing, 2D Image fills, Prop Objects and RenderWorks Backgrounds) that better built compression is probably in the works for a future version.

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Images become bitmaps once imported into VW.

If you look in the OIP, the object type is Bitmap.

This is why images are the same size when imported into VW with different image types, but alter when exported.

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Thanks Katie, that does explain quite a bit. I agree with Matthew, I would hope ways of compressing the images are on the horizon. I use alot of images in 2d rendering. I consider it one of VW's strong points. I would like to see greater image compression in the file and also, faster processing of the overall file for plotting.

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