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Vectorworks Architect does not have rounded cabinets (in the toolbar), so that video must be using a custom add-on.

I hope I get some advanced notice on Vw 2014, having just renewed my VSS. The Service Select site does not have any material on it right now. A good sign we'll be seeing the new version very soon.

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Well there's evidence VW2014 exists (the documentation leak and a screen shot of an IFC export by a certain staff member in these forums that showed VW2014 as the source) so it can't be that far off.

Ideally VW would have a launch approach like Cinema 4D. They pre-announce the new version and give their subscription service members a month or so to renew, promising them the new version if they renew by a set date. This has the advantage of knowing what you're getting before renewing. (Ironically my own subscription is offset by 6 months because of all the delays in setting up subscriptions in Canada, so I'm mid-cycle regardless.)


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I spoke to somebody at NNA the other day and he told me to expect 'leaks' very soon.

The leaks did them no favors last year. The leaked features were so tame that everybody expected that they were waiting for the official release to tell us about the really cool stuff. When that did not come to pass, I was disappointed and annoyed.

Bim is blowing up. Drawings + models are getting bigger and more complex. 64 Bit is a must have.

You can feel it. There are a lot of long time VW users on the brink. If they don't bring their A-Game this year and next year, a significant portion of their base is going to abandon the product.

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