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This update makes me nervous. It really needs to make great strides under the hood. Luckily because of delays in setting up their subscription services in Canada, my subscription term runs March to March. This upgrade is already paid for and I can take a wait and see approach on whether to renew for the future. Its scary considering other options after using VW since Minicad 5.

I would be willing to bet there will be more developments with the surface array that was introduced last year. I keep seeing examples around the web of parametrically driven models related to BIM. Maybe this will mean more ties to C4D which already has a more parametric centred approach and node based scripting with Xpresso.


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I was thinking, Pat, more like the custom saved views linked to Sheet Layer Viewports, to make the Clip Cube more accessible for the purpose of presentation, rather than just a design view. As it is, the custom views of SLVPs are restricted to rotating a 3D puzzle piece.

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VArchiworks 2014

Yeah right! Don't want to burst your bubbles but if 'they' can't even get 'permission' to deliver a decent product you think 'they' will get permission to fuse 2 of their finest!

Even if they did, that would create the best architectural BIM product on the market thus bye bye Allplan, the old fart would never agree to seeing his baby being pushed out like that......

but for what it's worth +1

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would be nice to see x64 bit version


A number of earlier posts on VW2014 have been deleted from the thread, including one linking to a Knowledge Base article on 2014 system recommendations which revealed that 2014 will NOT be 64-bit.

(Anyone want to guess how long before the censors remove this post?)

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I heard somewhere that Vectorworks uses Quicktime, which is limited to 32 bit.

The web has been quiet about Vw 2014. I could not find any reference to it, except the "Needle and Mortar" page. When it does get released, be sure to use the posted wishlist to compare with the new features.

I'm interested to see if the "3D hatches" wishlist item becomes a feature.

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Chief Architect is a great home building design platform, but it lacks IFC export, so it will most likely stay in the cellar of the ranked BIM platform popularity trends.

And who's at the top? Not Revit, but Autocad, by a ridiculously large margin. Autocad does export to IFC, and costs around $5500.

Thanks for the tip on the pricing, DWorks, I might just stay in VSS to save myself from any price increase.

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