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Newbie Graphics Question

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Hi all - I have an ancient version of VW (8.5.2) that I still use for lots of things in addition to CAD. Why? Because I find the "nudge" command to be enormously useful when aligning elements, and I've not found a similar command in any other program.

My current headache is a newspaper ad I did in VW, that the paper wants me to submit as a jpeg. I've tried exporting the ad as a jpeg, with my resolution jacked up as high as 7200 dpi, but the jpeg output is still terribly pixelated.

I've tried exporting in other image formats like tiff as well, but cannot find a way to defeat the pixelation.

I'm sure the answer is elementary for those of you who know VW better than I do, but I only use it once every few months, and the answer eludes me.

I'd attach my VW file here to play with, but cannot find a way to do so. Can anyone help me with this small, but annoying problem? Thanks in advance!

In return, if any of you have audio, or computer problems, fire away! :)


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If you're using a Mac you should be able to open your file in Preview & Save it as JPEG.

FYi - You can use the Nudge command in VW2013 and you can export as a JPEG; but there is a learning curve from VW8 to 2013.

Just as an aside, I use VW for a lot of LAYOUT kind of work, RFPs, Presentation Boards, Newsletters etc. that otherwise I'd have to go to Creative Suite to get the desired output.

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