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How do I efficiently deal with Vectorworks Preferences

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I just upgraded to VectorWorks Landmark 2013. In the past I was frustrated by the clunky way that the VectorWorks Preferences were handled. I thought that 2013 would have fixed that.

I manually copied the preferences file from the 2009 version to the 2013 version. That was the only way I could get that to work in the past, but it didn't work when using the newer version. Any ideas? Is there an upgrade/import feature? I have messed around with preferences a lot to make it work for me and have lost these settings over and over.


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So here I am with newly installed Vectorworks 2015 and I still can't figure out how to deal with the preferences. It takes some effort to set up the preferences the way I like them. As soon as there is any kind of new install, whether the same version on a replaced computer or a new version, my preferences are destroyed.

How should this be handled?


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Wait so what is that command under TOOLS>OPTIONS>VA SET PROJECT PREFS... is for? I couldn't figure out what it does, I was thinking it was related with this issue somehow but it is linked to some .txt files under application data, UNLIKE workspaces or templates ... I would love if somebody shines a light to this topic

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