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Make an Extrude forget its original origin.

Kevin McAllister


I would like a way to make an extrude forget its original origin. In many situations its maddening to create an extrude, move or mirror it and then go to edit it and have it flip back to its original creation orientation. I often draw guidelines outside the extrude, copy them, go in to edit the extrude and hope to paste them in place only to find they're off in space. Ugh!

More often than not you want to edit an object in its current situation rather than its original one.


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Again, this is one of those situations where an "Option" dialogue might help, that allows you to chose.

Sometimes it IS better if it forgot about the original, but sometimes it is really useful being able to remember where it was when you first drew the profile.

More Choice please!


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Chad, I don't want to lose the ability to edit the original shape, I just want it to forget where in space it was originally drawn. Try this and you'll see what I mean -

Draw and asymmetric shape and extrude it.

Mirror it across a centreline, creating a mirrored copy.

Try editing the mirrored copy to customize it. It wants you to edit it in its original position and orientation instead of where it lies in situ now.


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.....an "Option" dialogue might help, that allows you to chose.


It would be good to have an option that links the original object with it's mirror so that any editing in the original will show up in the mirrored copy.

I know you can do this with symbols but it is a convoluted and often problematic method when editing a symbol

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