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Shadows in Fundamentals and Vectorworks Architect

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Is it seriously impossible to create shadows in Fundamentals and VW Architect without Renderworks? The help menu is telling me that so far. If that is truly the case it is seriously pathetic and I would like to add it to the Wish List.

Beginning with Fundamentals even the cheapest version of Vectorworks should have the same capabilities as a free version of Sketchup at a minimum. I was really surprised to learn it is not even an option for VW Architect. You can insert the Heliodon tool but according to the Help directory there is nothing you can do with it without Renderworks installed. Very nice of Nemetschek to include Potemkin tools in their tool set palettes! It would be ever nicer if we could actually use them!

It makes me wonder if Nemetschek is trying to discourage people from using their products. In terms of 3D modeling environments Fundamentals and VW Architect have neither the simplicity of use, presentation and quick conceptual modeling capabilities of a free Sketchup download nor the compatibility and full range of features offered by true BIM applications like Revit. Considering these limitations it really makes you wonder whether it's worth the trouble to try to use VW Architect as a BIM tool or just switch over to Revit ASAP.

I wish this wasn't the case but it seems like trying to use VW for 3D modeling is like facing a series of frustrations after frustrations. VW Architect keeps feeling like "BIM-lite". I consider Vectorworks among the very best in terms of 2D drafting but unfortunately the time has passed when that is all that matters.

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You can cast shadows in open GL. You need set the OpenGL render settings (options) to "Use Shadows," and place at least one light with "cast shadows" checked. This is with VW 2013, I don't know about older versions. What version do you have? Add your system info and VW version in your profile so we know better how to help you.

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I went to OpenGL render settings and unfortunately the 'Use Shadows' option is grayed out and cannot be selected.

The only options I can select are Detail level, 'Use Anti-Aliasing' and 'Use Planar Attributes'. Everything else is grayed out.

Would it be correct to assume this means we need to purchase Renderworks to enable those other options?

If we don't need to purchase Renderworks please let me know if you know of other options that can enable the display of shadows in VW Architect 2013. Thank you.

(If we really do need to purchase Renderworks I would like to add as a 'Wish List' type item that Nemetschek should just roll ALL the capabilities of Renderworks into VW Architect. Not just the shadow function. Make it so that if you purchase Architect you don't need to purchase Renderworks. Give people an incentive to choose VW over Revit and eliminate the unnecessary product line fragmentation that often contributes to misconceptions of Vectorworks being a "dumbed-down" product.)

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I believe that Renderworks is an add-on to any version of VW.


I'm surprised that OpenGL on your machine does not allow "Use Shadows." It's not a part of Renderworks. You may want to reboot your computer, then if it's still grayed out call tech support and confirm it should or should not be working. Anyone else with Fundamentals who can confirm if "Use Shadows" works?

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