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Viewports Update + Print Problems

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It takes a long time (10-15 min) to print sheets (pdf) w/ elevation/section and the models disappear when I open the file.

Every time i reopen a working file, the sheet layer viewports show the red/white border around all viewports and I only see the annotations (no model info). [see atch image] I can update the viewports, but it takes a long time. I encounter the same problem when printing. How can I expedite these commands?

This occurs with elevation and section viewports. Plan viewports print instantly.

print resolution = 300. I tried 150 with similar results.

I checked "Display Objects Beyond View Plane" and "Display Planar Objects" for each elevation/section viewport.

I tried the "Save As pdf" and "Open PDF in Preview" options with similar results. VW quits unexpectedly 9/10 times.

All viewports link to the 3D model.

Is this normal behavior? What settings must I revise to see viewport content and print to pdf in a reasonable time?

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Eric, It looks like you have quite a few VP's there. If they are Section VP's (which I suspect they are) then the time to regen/update is probably pretty normal. Sometimes there are particular Layers, Classes or Objects which slow things down, although tracking them down can be tedious. My best advice is to create a little script via the Custom Selection command: "Select VP's". Then you can update all the VP's at a more convenient time (during a break, or lunch), then print to PDF.

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Try with the 'Save Viewport Cache' checked Eric......


Edited by Vincent C

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Peter and Vincent.

Thanks for the suggestions. I tried to update viewports during other operations and the program still quits unexpectedly. I checked the option to retain viewport cache, but it still quiets.

I'll submit this to tech support so they can identify the problems with my model.

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You could try updating a few VPs at a time to determine whether any individual VP(s) is (are) causing VW to hang or crash, or if it's the sheer number of VPs causing a low memory/out-of-memory condition.

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I had a similar experience -

after sequentially hiding classes and objects (took me a few hours) i eventually found one hybrid symbol that was causing the problem.

A toilet from the kohler library was too 'heavy' to update all the VP's. This symbol appeared in several bathrooms, and I was using Section VPs for interior elevations.

(your issue may be unrelated.... )

best of luck

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