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Mac plotting rotate plot

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I am prefacing this with I am a PC user. I am hoping someone can enlighten me on how to properly rotate a drawing when printing on a Mac.

We recently purchased a HP Designjet T520 36" plotter. It is a nice plotter and when I print from my PC everything comes out as expected. When my coworkers print from their Mac's I am noticing that a Arch D 24x36 print comes out with the 24" side along the 36" side of the paper. I have tried playing with their settings to the best of my ability and I cannot seem to get it to properly print from vectorworks with the 36" portion of the paper along the 36" side of the drawing.

Has anyone else had a similar experience and if so how have you solved it?



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You wish it was that easy, and frankly so do I. It was hard for me to write out what I am seeing, so I drew a mini picture here to help illustrate. Let me know what your guys thoughts are.

I have had one mac guy humor me and we were playing on his machine, we found if we made a new paper size that is 36"x24" and instead of it being 24"x36" which is the drivers default arch D it would work, but we have a lot of people using one printer and having them all make new custom sizes seems odd.

I'm not really sure that this is a vectorworks problem or not, but the way that the page set up is set to interact with the plotter is very strange to me as a PC user.

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What happens if a mac users creates a PDF with the OS pdf generator and then prints the pdf?

(That may tell you if it's the driver or VW. If Preview has the same problems printing, it may be the driver)

Creating a new Arch D page size isn't a terrible solution. As someone who prints from my MBP to many random printers and plotters, I've found it necessary in the past to accommodate a plotter or two by making a custom page size.



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