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sketchy 3D plants


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that's a very good question.

vbvisual makes polygon plants especially for vw. they look really good in final quality renderworks (as they are intended for (pseudo) realistic images. but they are expensive, and yield wierd results in sketch and artistic render modes.

some of the plants you can download for free from the sketchup warehouse actually work better in artistic render modes. but, you have to be careful about how you export/import them from su to vw. depending on how they are made, there are particular limitations. the 3ds (why is it always autodesk) export and import seems to work best in most cases, but the individual plant files can be very big.

there are other threads here about this. try searching for them.



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yes, ran, i understand you disappointment. there is a lot of discussion on this forum about 3d modeling and non-realistic rendering, if you look around. there are also a lot of hopes for 2014 in september.

in the mean time have you given up sketch up? i am trying to use it more.

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