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extrudes and nurbs trouble

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Suggestions would be appreciated.

I am a VW novice and I am attempting my first 3D. I have a cube like object which sides do not line up with x & y axis. I want to make another couple of extrudes to make the object taper down to one of the faces. I can not get the extrude to run along the objects own axis. I have made the same shape successfully with a NURB but the NURB will not subtract from another extrude solid which is my end intention. Hope someone can make sense of this. Struggling.


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I have three suggestions that may help you -

- draw and extrude the object while aligned to the x & y axis and then rotate it into place.

- if the object needs to taper, try a tapered extrude or a multiple extrude with more than one profile shape.

- if you've already made the object as a group of NURBS surfaces you can use Model>3D Power Pack>Stitch and Trim Surfaces to make it into a solid. If your NURBS are only curves, convert them to surfaces first Model>3D Power Pack>Create Surface From Curves.

If you're still having trouble post an image or a file containing your object so we understand more clearly what you're trying to do.


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