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Moving shadows

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I don't think so,

VW Architect 9 has a solar animator, It's the main reason I bought the architect package(that and the DTM). It will generate a quicktime movie of a single view as the sun passes overhead, its pretty cool.

Probably the only way to do it in 8.5.2, would be to render the individual frames and adjust the light inbetween each frame, then use another app to compile the images into a movie.

Then again if you really understood VectorScript, you could probably write your own solar animation tool. [big Grin]

Good Luck

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There's a mediocre way to do this. (It's still not anything you can do smoothly in 9 or 10)

You can use the "Set Sun Position" command. Render the drawing. Take a snapshot.

Delete the lightsource (every time you use the set sun position, it doesn't delete the first 'sun').

Then "set sun position" again.

Render and take a snapshot.

You could make a 'movie' of those images although it'd be alot of work, time consuming and very choppy looking.

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If a directional light source is selected the Set Sun Position menu item will modify that light's direction, rather than creating a new light, so the deletions won't be necessary.

You can definitely create the movie using VS, as that is how the Solar Animator itself was implemented (by Frank Brault). We have routines to create a movie file, create each frame, and close the movie. In between you have to modify the light's direction vector and rerender the document. There are about six equations to determine the sun direction vector; the formulas are available on the web if you are interested.


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