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Line Slice

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I am attempting to do a slice on a 3d object. I do this semi regularly, but I am curious if someone has a better thought on how to do this.

I have for arguments sake a cube. I go to the front view of the cube and I am basically needing to split it in half, however I need to split it in half with some detail along the line I want to split. The line I want to split on has sort of teeth on it. I want to split to go all the way through my cube, but to follow that path of the teeth. I cannot really figure out how to achieve this.

I am attaching a little image of what I am trying to do. I want the redline to basically extrude through the 3D shape and have two separate pieces. One with the teeth on top and one with holes for the teeth on the bottom.


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This is fairly easy to do. I've attached an example file. I would follow these steps -

- make a simple extrude using your custom profile as the bottom surface. Make sure its as big as or bigger than your original object.

- orient the two objects so that the cut line is aligned as you want.

- duplicate the objects and move them to the side.

- on the first pair of objects perform a solid subtraction, subtracting the secondary object from your original object.

- on the second pair of objects perform a solid intersection. This creates a shape from where the two objects overlap.

- re-align the resulting two objects.

(You can also do this by copying the original objects and pasting in place rather than moving the second set of objects to the side.)



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Another way:

It's a command in the Model menu. Section Solids. Select both the cube and the sectioning surface and run the command. The OIP allows you to pick which side of the section you want to keep, so if you need to show both halves, duplicate it in place and click Reverse Direction in the OIP.

Create the sectioning surface as an extrude of your teeth profile, arrange it in top and side views so it goes all the way through the cube. You may have to convert your sectioning surface (the extrude of the teeth) into a NURBS surface. In this case, actually a Solid Addition of the group of NURBS surfaces created when the extrude is converted to NURBS.



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Yet another way using the Project Tool in the 3d toolset. This one makes a hollow box rather than a filled solid:

Convert the tooth profile to a NURBS (cmd,alt,N)

In a Top view, arrange it so it is completely outside the cube.

In Front view and align it with your intended cut location.

Engage the Project Tool and set it to Split mode- it's the first mode

Click the profile, then the cube - they highlight as you click them

Result should be a group

Enter the group to find a bunch of NURBS surfaces

Select the upper set and run the Add Surface command from Model menu

Same for lower set. Attached has rotated top after the solid addition, as if a hinged lid.

This only makes a straight cut, perpendicular to the screen. So set the view correctly.

The Section Solids (and Kevin's Subtract Solids) method works with any shape of profile - for instance your tooth profile could be extruded along a curved path so your final cut makes a toothy wave.

Anyway have fun with all this.



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