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Large File Size

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I have always struggled with the file size of my models. Any tips would be appreciated. Currently, I save my file under a different name and start deleting objects, saving the file, and checking the resulting file size.

Renderworks textures are one of the biggest culprits. I notice that when I create an image prop or texture, the original image file should be as small as possible. A 200K jpeg can result in a texture that adds 5MB to the file!

Importing sketchup objects from Google 3d warehouse can also be a problem. Depending on the construction, a simple chair can add 50K or 5MB to my file.

Solid additions and subtractions can also eat up space.

A friend sent me a drawing of a 2d column and capital and asked why his drawing was so huge. I found that a few simple curves on the capital were composed of 18000 tiny lines. I composed them to a polyline and and cut his file size by 90%.

I hope in a future version, each object/texture can have a file size shown in the OIP.

Any comments on this are greatly appreciated. I'm tired of 100MB living rooms!

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