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Embossed Logo on Sheet Renders

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Hey Team,

I've decided our standard white title block looks great with 2D plan shots, but looks kinda fugly when superimposed over our nice renders.

I'm trying to create an embossed logo or something of the like as a second title block. Ideally its just our logo in the right hand corner and Id like it to be transparent hence embossed or a glass object or something.

I realize you cant render a title block nor can a symbol or 3D polygon be rendered on the sheet layer, does anyone out there have an idea of how this might be accomplished?

Attached is a photo of my last failed attempt. Thanks guys!

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What I did was, in a new file, turned the type into polylines, ungrouped, extruded each letter, filled the letters and tipped for 3D effect. I exported the image as a jpg and imported it back into the file of my interior rendering, directly onto the Sheet Layer holding the interior image. Once imported onto the Viewport, I can mess with the opacity slider. Most significantly, in the creation of the logo, after creating a jpg of the text, I made the text image into an image prop which gave me the ability to create a mask thus the logo had no white box surrounding the text. I've not done this before so may have missed an easier process. The process of creating the mask should be outlined but I've just been handed a deadline to meet. Someone else might fill in the blanks?

Other ideas out there?


Vwks 2013 Designer

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If you are not interested in 3D text or 3D logos--and you never said you were--simply add text or paste in your 2D line work onto the Sheet holding the image (the Viewport) of your Cafe rendering (and ignore my original response above concerning masks and so on.)

Use the opacity sliders to adjust to suit the particular exposure of each rendering. My advice here presumes you have already rendered your scene as an image file of some sort, then added it onto a new Design Layer which you've then turned into a Viewport.


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