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John Gr

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Hi there

I have developed a number of scripts using custom dialogs with the dialog builder in VW 2008.

Have now upgraded to VW2013 the scripts wont run the dialogs.

I have noticed that some of the Function have been superseded.

I can modify my scripts but really would like the _DialogBuilderUtilities.px update.

Can someone help me.

John Greaney


New Zealand.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

I'm not sure what "_DialogBuilderUtilities.px" is.

Dialog builder creates a temp file to run the dialog but that's not the file you should be using as your code.

I think 2008 still uses Dialog Builder 6?

If you use the Export Vectorscript button in Dialog Builder 6 you will notice a large comment block that is XML. Dialog builder is able to read this comment block and recreate the dialog. DB6 can't read the Vectorscript code it creates in order to edit the dialogs.

If you still have the original Dialog Builder Vectorworks file from 2008 you can open it in 2008 and choose "Export Layout..."

This will create just the XML file with all the dialog controls in a form the dialog build will always be able to read.

Open Dialog Builder in 2013 and choose "Import Layout..." It will read the XML file and create the dialog using the new dialog controls where possible.

If all you have is the actual Vectorscript code you are out of luck. You are going to have to manually make the changes.

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