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Adding a custom title block?

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I have been trying to create a custom title block for some time now following the video tutorial and help files. I'm using 2013 now so there was a bit of adjustment required here and there, but I think I have just about got it all working in terms of updating the fields via the object info pallette.

Except that I can't figure out how to get the title block to show as an option in the dims/notes tool. I opened the custom title block file and added my block to it as instructed in the video. However it won't let me save it in the VW directory, so have saved it in c:\users\...\defaults\...\Sheet Border-Title Blocks\ as suggested elsewhere in the forum. But I still can't see my block as an available option when I add a sheet border and try to change the title block to my own.

Where do I need to put it to get this to work, or is there another procedure in VW2013 that I need to adopt?

Using VW2013 SP4

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Firstly, you need to save your title block in the sheet border folder, which you've done.

You then add your title block using the sheet border tool onto your sheet layer. The title block is actually part of the sheet border AFAIK. If starting from a new file you need to add the sheet border first, add your title block then check the option Hide Border (if you don't want the sheet border to show.)

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I'm also interested in this topic. I would like to automatically display the "Sheet Number" and "Sheet Title" from the "Navigation" palette in my custom title block. I understand this might require using the "Issue Manager", "Sheet borders".

I read this in "Sheet Border Properties" in Vectorworks 12 help:

If Use Automatic Drawing Coordination is enabled in document preferences, the sheet layer is automatically updated if the Sht Title Line 1 is changed. Similarly, if the Sheet Number value is changed, the sheet layer and any annotation objects (drawing labels or section markers) on the sheet layer that show this information are updated automatically.

I also read that these features may be restricted to using default "US Arch title blocks" ... Is it true that if I want to make a custom title block here in Europe I can't use Automatic Drawing Coordination?

... or is there a workaround by adapting the outlook of an existing default US title block?

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I have a question for best way to INSERT a) custom Logo and/or b) Professional Stamp into TitleBlock. The same TitleBlock is on my 14 Layer Sheets, all in the same document.

One way is to insert as Bitmap Image, another way is to insert as a Group, third way is to insert as 2D Symbol.

Question1) I wonder if inserting as 2D Symbol will make a total file size smaller.

Question 2) TitleBlock itself is a 2D Symbol, so inserting other images as 2D Symbols make it as a "Nested Symbol". As a result I can't use "Custom Selection" or Custom Modification". While I have nothing else drawn on a page except the TitleBlock, the Search for Symbols do not recognize any of my Logo or Stamp 2D-Symbol at all.

Question 3) If I use Bitmap instead of 2D symbols, when VW file is exported to DWG, all Logo and Stamp files are exported one by one, making total 28 bitmap png's (for 14 sheets with 14 TitleBlocks with one Logo and one Stamp) - just a waste of space.

Any recommendations or ideas for the best solution of inserting Images into TitleBlocks?

The goal is A) to minimize the file size, B) to be able to Custom Select nested images.

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One possibility could be that you could have the stamp already nested inside your current title block, but have the bitmap be on it's own "special" class which you turn on or off as needed. I guess it's possible this will get screwed up upon exporting to anything other than a pdf.

In general, it is my understanding that symbols take up less space than repeating a group or a singular object. Referenced images might be different, however.


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So I had one created with my logo, lifework and data records or fields but I did not put my logo and stamp separate classes so that I could turn on/off. Also need to change the logo. So to edit this I either ungrouped or decomposed it, made my edits saved it with a new name but it is all parts and pieces. If I select all and create symbol will the fields be editable or do I need to create a new data record and associate text with the record (might be saying this wrong).

I think I just need to start it over, but I would like to learn how to modify it.

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