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Set callout boxs and text to automaticly go into class 'text'

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A vectorscript tool to improve the text tool.

Create the tool's script; insert it into your tool workspace; remove the short cut from NNA's text tool then apply it to the improved text tool. Disclaimer: I've not tried or debugged this, it may flop or not produce the desired results.

I'm thinking something like this.


PROCEDURE ImprovedText;





NameClass('text'); {this also creates a class if it doesn't yet exist. Note: max 20 characters.}

CallTool(-200); {-200 is the VWorks text tool}

{this is where the script might fail. It may not know when the user is finished with the text tool, not proceeding onto reseting the active class}




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The stuff between the curly brackets {stuff} is ignored by VW when running the script. Paired curly brackets are simply a means to add notes anywhere into the script, usually to leave yourself clues as to what your script is doing when you look at it weeks later and say what the heck did I do here. :-)

The script above might not stop for the user to utilize the text tool before resetting the class back to the initial active class.


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You can set up the Tool, Class, text settings and so on, then use the Custom Tool/Attribute command from the Tools menu. This command will create the script for you, so that you do not need to learn vectorscript. You can use this command to store snap settings, pen colors and line weights, etc. It's really useful. I'm covering this tool in july in online webinars.

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