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Resource Browser and CPU usage

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I have noticed that VW2013 SP3 has been using massive amount of CPU when viewing the activity monitor, usually hovering around 40% even when backgrounded. I noticed that if I close and then reopen the resource browser it will drop VW CPU usage to under 1%. Is this a known issue, is there any fix?

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Yep, something weird is happening on my system. iMac 27", 3.4 i7, 16GB RAM, GeForce GTX 680MX 2GB, OS X10.8.3, 2013 SP3

Start VW with the resource browser open and a clean template, VW is using around 12% CPU, close the resource browser and VW takes a 100% load on 1 CPU core, open the resource browser back up and VW's CPU load drops back down to 0.5%.

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