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Fixing 3d Loci issues on custom lighting objects

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Hey Gang,

I'm hoping y'all can help me out. I've been creating custom lights for the company I work for and I have solved many of the problems one faces when getting them to focus correctly.

I can now make the lights point where I want them when focused without exploding through placing the 3D loci at 0,0 etc. I've now hit a new snag, when I set 3D orientation it explodes. Occasionally we need to hang a light off an upright bar so being able to rotate in 3D is necessary.

What I'd really like your input on is a method, how do I ensure that all my pieces are centred so when I rotate it, it doesn't explode, I have 20+ symbols that I need to correct and I cant zoom in close enough to make sure they are EXACTLY centred. Any input on this would be golden.

I have attached the file with my par 30, please test it out and give me your thoughts, it focuses fine, just 3d orientation. Thanks Guys!

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Each part of the lighting instrument should have the parts record attached and you should only have one piece each of Base, Body, Yoke.  it will still work if you do not have a base (Yoke and Body), but will explode if you have a base and a body.  it will also explode if you have two 3D loci in the symbol.    The parts record is what tells Vectorworks how to move each part, and the 3D Loci tells it where to rotate around, as well as where to emit the light from.  

So, in order to work properly you need only one Loci at 0,0,Z.  you need the Parts record attached to your geometry for each section of the Instrument,  and Finally, the Body should have the emitting end pointing down.  


Jordan, you can rotate the lighting fixture to be floor based, either in the symbol itself, or if you are using it for both hung and floor you can adjust it in the OIP to be a floor instance.  then to have it aim up the wall, put your focus point at the top of the wall.



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I have had this problem from time to time. What almost always has caused it is if the element that is assigned to the "Base" part record (i.e. the hook clamp or moving light base unit) is a symbol. The "base" part record can be added to a symbol but must be embedded within that symbol for it to work and not attached to the symbol itself!! So for instance if you want to have a hook clamp that is made of say 2 objects, then group the parts attach the part record to the group and make the group into a symbol. Then insert the symbol into the fixture. It sounds long winded but it isn't really and most importantly it works!!


Attached is an example




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I have had a lot of trouble with this over the years - You will need to play around with it. I have had the most issues with strobes and blinders.. They explode quite frequently.


I have found a resolution in treating the entire light as a base, only way i have found to completely eliminate the issue.

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