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layers within sheet layers?

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Good call! This may be what KNOSAJ is asking for. I was thinking site plan work lines.

I don't like these snap grids much so never use them.

The pro's:

?It is indeed a full sheet grid

?visibility & spacing easily controlled via snap options.

?toggle with snap palette via A key or back quote ( I usually improperly name it the tilde key)

all good, but:

The cons:

?initial snap shows acquired point only after click - takes some getting used to.

?no options for grid line labels (site plan).

?no option for offset from center, grid rotate or polar(?)

?line weights and color not user controlled (or is that a buried pref?), so no primary/secondary lines

?if the Snap to Grid is disabled, the intersections do not acquire - sounds counter intuitive, but I might want snap extensions from the grid intersections. I could do this if grid lines are normal vector objects. Toggling the snap with A key or back quote/tilde key does not get me there.

whine, whine


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