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Changing state of mirrored or flipped symbol

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I found a solution in using "Flip3DObj(handle,boolean)". It works on 2D symbols as well and flips them about their origin.

Has anyone developed a simple method to flip or mirror a 2D-symbol about it's origin. Either X or Y axis will work. Preferably using the Handle of the symbol's instance.

I need to maintain the origin of this symbol instance at [x,y]=[0,0] within my Plug-in object.

I already know the symbol's current state. Not flipped.

My symbols are right-handed and need a simple flip to be left-handed. Like a field hockey stick with the origin at the top end of the stick. I'm hoping to avoid having to load up my file with left-handed definitions.

I'm curious what it is that the ISFLIPPED criteria searches for in an object definition. Perhaps a Handle scaling tool which allows a negative x or negative y factor would do the job?



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Thanks Josh,

I'll see what its potential is on my next project.

Would be nice though if the developer Function Reference also listed what integers are valid and their corresponding purpose or a link to find the information.

The function isn't even listed in the offline reference I have.


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