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Creating tiered terracing in Landmark

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Create Walls, and then create a Retaining Wall Site Modifier for each.

I think you guys still have my site modelling course notes from when your team did my course some years ago. Things have changed a little since then, but you should find some useful stuff in there about the different site modifiers you can use.

All the best


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You may also be able to do this directly without using walls, by adding a contour at each terrace. Depends on your needs.

Vectorworks site models cannot make vertical or overhanging rises, but can make them ALMOST vertical.

If this is original conditions without walls, Edit the Site Model data to add a new contour: Select a contour at top of a terrace, offset the contour to the outside w/ Offset Tool by a minimal amount (1"? 1 cm") and lower its z value in OIP. Exit the Edit mode and update the model. This could also be done from bottom of a terrace - Offset the exist contour to inside and raise the new one.

In examples, Red contour (z=30') was offset by one inch and the copy was lowered to z=25' via the OIP. I also changed color to green.

If terracing is for the proposed model, create a new contour and adjust the Z value as above, but cut it from the Site Model data, exit the edit mode, and paste it in place it on the drawing. Then assign the new contour to the Site-DTM-Modifier class (don't change it to a site modifier, just assign the new 3d poly to the class). Update the site model in proposed mode. Read up on Auto Classing in VW Help. If not using the Auto Class feature, you will have to make the new class (use the dashes so it makes sub classes)




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I'm not sure by reading the original question that the poster doesn't just want to display the DTM as stepped contours rather than a smooth slope. If that is the case, you only have to go into the Site Model Settings and choose 3D Extruded Contour under 3D Display Settings > Style (and make sure you assign it to the correct model you want, existing vs proposed). You will then have a look very similar to the old hand made site models made out of foam core, etc.

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