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I'm sure we used to be able to duplicate a rectangular shape such as a paver along a path before but now I can't do that in VW2010. Duplicate array options do not follow paths. :confused:

All I want to do is create a stepping stone path with pavers at right angles to the path. :crazy:


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If there are several courses, you need a new path for each course. Use the offset tool to copy your original path inboard or outboard. If a path curves a lot, it may need to be split into segments eg a segment for each arc with different duplication spacing to avoid pavers penetrating each other.


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It would be nice if the hardscape tool could create running bond paths but it does not. it would also be nice to create more elaborate border systems. i.e. 4x8 soldier with 4x4 split stone and 6x6 square all different colors and together to make a border, or even a double or triple row.

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Thanks Bryan

I tried that but the squares are not done at a tangent to the path (not in this drawing file anyway). This particular project has a circle theme so I have to create

paths on arcs.

Benson, I also noted a solution on the hardscape tool but it is way too complex for what I want or am able to do.

Appreciate both your suggestions though.


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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

The best thing is to use a Tile fill and a Wall to create such a pathway.

Tile Fills can be set to Rotate in Wall and can also Fit to Wall (on their Y Axis).

I have created a series of Tile Fills that you can download from our website. I can't remember if I set them to ROtate in Wall, but you can easily edit their settings yourself if not.


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Pavers Along a Path.png (8 downloads)

Description: Pavers Along a Path - using a Line Type and a Polyline

Hello Tamsin,

In your screenshot did you use 2 different Line Type, so one for each paversize or only one wich as the width of the path?


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