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I have been a VW user for approximately one year now. Particularly Landmark. If you think this is bad, try being an Eaglepoint user. Maintenance updates every month to correct bugs that were supposed to be corrected the month before. Yearly maintenance fees that are much more costly than the upgrade fees. I find VW Landmark much more user friendly even though it is in its infancy. [Razz]

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Originally posted by 7parella:


Originally posted by Matthew Giampapa:

C4D translation is still in the works on the other end. If you can hold on until tomorrow I can get a more offical estimate for availability.


any news?

Actually, I had to pass this off to the marketing departmnet to find out exactly what we can say about the C4D translation.

Stewart tells me that they will be able to issue a statment soon, but they need to clear up some details.

Sorry it's taken more than a day...

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Lots to read here.

My thoughts are as follows:

The upgrade process should sslow down to allow time to acknowledge and implement the wish list items (where they are relevant). If VW started work on V10 when V9 shipped then it dosn't allow a whole lot of time for V9 users to get feedback and suggestions in for development in V10. When will it appear? V11, V12???? Why should we pay for all the dross before our suggestions are implemented. I am on VW8.5.2 and am more or less content. Should I skip 9 and 10? and wait for 11?

tech. Support: my expserience is that VW versions are supported for a while. At least until there is a newer version and then tech support dies or techies disappear and the new ones only know the new pprogram. Case in point. I have e-mailed tech support regarding 8.5.2 and if I could find the e-mail I could quote verabtim an interoffice memo between techies asking poor beleaguered Matthew to see what could be done about me because they 'weren't supporting VW8.5 anymore" Katie has said herself that if I upgraded I wouldn't havve the problems I am having with 8.5.2 which may be true but I would be having loads of problems with 9 if these support forums arre any indication.

Software is expensive and until you have a product that is reliable and responds to users comments and suggestions, don't ship it.

I will stay with VW8.5. a.k.a the devil I know

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Ghost -

If you read the technical support agreement, it states you will received 18 months of free technical support. We stretched this until 10 was released since it wasn't fair to those 8 users that chose to stay behind. Now that 10 is out, it's ALOT for us to remember EVERYTHING in VW 8, 9 AND 10 on ALL OS's, printers, non carbon vs carbon problems, blah blah blah. It's next to impossble to stay current on all three versions where there is so much that changes between them. Not to mention the wide variety each version covers. You might be using arch specific things while the next person is using mostly 3d stuff, while the next person is using Spotlight on a mac, so and so is using Landmark on a PC with xyz printer... the list goes on and on. We are only people and can only remember so much. You really should keep this in mind when thinking or our poor stressed brains.

Multiply 4 different parts of VW, 5 if you count Foundation, 6 if you include RW, by 9 Operating Systems, by 3 version numbers, by a large pool of printers, are you are left with outstanding numbers of things we need to know. It's alot whether you realize it or not.

Every time you've asked something on here we've told you how to resolve it in VW 8, if it's fixed or addressed in VW 9/10 and given you workarounds when possible. I consider that good tech support.

Try calling MicroSoft or Apple about 2 full versions ago operating systems and see what they tell you. MS doesn't support NT, the predecessor to Win2k, nor do they support Win 98 and Win98, predecessors to WinME. Apple doesn't support OS 8 either now that 10.2 is out. I don't know of the status with OS 9 -I am guessing they still support it since there are still alot of classic apps out there.

Just a little information to help you see things from our point of view.

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Of course of Course, you're right Katie, I was not entirely fair, or clear.

I was refering to a note from what I assume was people involved in looking into bugs, software people I believe. They seemed not to care anymore about previous versions.

I on the other hand buy software and use it for several years. No reflection on the work and support you people do (and you did try to answer everything I post here). I resent having to buy new software every 18 months because the software company has determined that that is all the support they will provide for the product I have purchased. It effectively forces me to buy new software at the developers time table (and pay the associated costs) I don't want to do that.

The software doesn't degrade, It does (more or less) what I bought it to do. For all my questions and whinging It is a good package.

So here's a thought. Put a small select group of your SD people, preferably the nostalgic ones, to work in a little room by themselves at Nemetschek, figuring out solutions to the bugs in all the previous versions that people have questions for. If they figure out a bug, they post the fix and I can download it for say a small fee of $5, or whatever. Course it won't work because of economics but wouldn't it be great if it did.

Car makers are responsible for their cars for what seems like forever, issuing recalls when something doesn't work the way it was designed to. why can't software developers adopt the same ethics.

I, as an architect, am currently liable for my work for the next thirty years (the clock starts ticking when the problem is found, not when the building was completed, effectively increasing liability the infinity. Why shouldn't software developers be liable at all???????

Somethings not right here, Nemetschek should buck the trend and lead the way to a better age where everyone stands behind the products they sell forever!!!!!!!

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I guess you never bought a 1996 or 97 MonteCarlo z34 then. *Sigh*

That stupid thing isn't safe, yet those only offered one recall notice on the brakes (which tool 5 1/2 and many people killed or in bad accidents (me included)) years to offer it when it doesn't even fix the problem. It "helps" the problem. Yet you only have a limited warranty on that car. Once yer over that warranty period, the repairs come out of your pocket 100%.

Same here, the warranty or technical support in this case is for 18 months. The warranty for the car doesn't cover the fact that the new model of a specific car has dozens of safety and stupid new things and improvements, but you can't get them in your current car. If you want those, and you want the saftey improvements not related to recalls, then you gotta either buy the new model car or buy a different car.

It's the same marketing theory everywhere you go. vehicles, software, homes, electronics, etc.

BUT -- I do have to say, that's a good point about the 5$ for a fix.

I'm going to add that to the wish list. Someone higher up will read it.

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