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Artlantis 4.1: exporting wall component classes

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It's been a while since I used Artlantis but I thought I could export wall component classes by choosing the preference option for plug-in objects to "retain their own classes".

Either way I'm not able to export the wall component classes, only the wall class itself.

Am I doing something wrong? Bug?

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Yes there is a work around to this problem. This is what we do for VW 2015 to Artlantis 5 for walls to export to the correct shader corresponding to the VW class you need to adjust the wall.

1) Select the wall and go to edit wall style. In the Textures tab change from "Use object Textures" to "Use component Textures" .

2) Back to the definition tab, make sure the components are classed accordingly.

This should correct the issue.


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Did you find a work around for this. I am having the same issue.

Are VW trying to force me to buy render works just so i can export the walls with components properly?

There was a time when artlantis was the recommended rendering package for VW.

I guess now they want me to but cinema4d.


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