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Plant List-adding a column & Plant Key

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I am trying to add a column to "Plant List-Simple" to show spacing recommendations. I can insert a column, and name it, but when I try to add text in the cells below I am not allowed. I tried to copy and paste text from another cell, but I get the following message: "The cells you are trying to change are not editable".

I'm a bit stumped as to how to do a Plant Legend or Key w/ Landmark. I want to show each plant symbol and then its name. Ideally I could incorporate this into my Plant List-Simple, but I've no idea how.

Any thoughts?

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The plant list you're trying to edit reports information attached to the plants. So if the information is available on the plants that can be displayed in your "Plant List ? Simple".

There are two basic types of worksheet. The first type of worksheet can find objects in the drawing and you can complete mathematical operations on these objects. The way Vectorworks finds these objects is called the criteria. The second type of worksheet reports data that is attached to objects. Vectorworks selects the objects to appear in the report based on the criteria.

Your plant list uses the second type of worksheet. If you want to report information in your worksheet it has to be attached to the plant, and then the worksheet has to be told to use that field of the record format in the plant list.

if you are using Vectorworks 2013 one of the fields you can use is the image function. The image function can display the plan view of the plant

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Try this:

Open Worksheet.

In the top left click the little triangle and select to Show Database Headers.

Select the cell in the header line where you want to enter the criteria to display the plant spacing.

Enter ='Plant Record'.'Spacing'

Click the little green check mark

You can now deselect to Show Database Headers.


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Thank you for your reply. I am unable to enter anything in any of the cells in the new column however.

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I understand what you are saying. In the plant record there is a field for "placement spacing". Is there any way to link that to the worksheet?

As for the legend/key, I guess I'll have to upgrade to 2013 (I have 2012).

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