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Data Entry didja know

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THe Show Dim Value is there to let you decide if you want VW to put the length in based on what you drew, or if you want to put it in yourself.

Checkmark Shwo Dim Value -- VW puts the dimension value on the screen as you drew the object and append anything you enter in the leader or trailer to what is already on the screen.

Removing the checkmark from the Show Dim Values box allows you to override what the real dimension of the object is, and type in whatever you want for leader or trailer.

If you have a box that is 10" long and you don't care what it looks like - and know you want it to read 11.5", remove the checkmark and type in 11.5" in either the trailer or leader box.

If you have a box that is 10" long, and you really want the dimension to read " This square is 10.5" long", then leave the checkmark box checked, for the leader type in "This square is" and in the trailer type in ".5" long ".

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rolleyes.gif" border="0

yes, I know what the fields and boxes are FOR. With that in mind, please re-read my post. After typing in text to either field, one must do something to make it appear in the dimension. One can hit Enter, Return, or Tab, or one can click anywhere in the drawing, or somewhere on a toolbar. However, if one clicks on the checkbox, the entered data is NOT recognized. There is no run-through of an idle user input loop -- which updates the display, and which would explain the twitchy tape measure tool -- before the checkbox's functions are called.

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TSI don't understand what you are saying. If you checkmark the Show Dim value, the dimension is displayed and the inforamtion added in leadera nd or trailer is APPENDED and shows that way.

If you don't checkmark the box, ONLY what is typed in leader and or trailer is shown.

Is that not what you are getting?

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I selected a dimension. The show dim value checkmark box is checked.

I enter 123 abc in the leader box.

Do not hit enter

remove the checkmark in the checkmark box.

123 abc shows on the dimension.

I do the same for trailer ..

same results.

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I see your problem now.

When you remove the checkmark from Show Dim Value it's resetting the Leader and Trailer default boxes.

I'll bug list it.

Looks like you'll have to remove the checkmark first, then enter your criteria in.

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