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"Xrefing" other VW files

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whats the best way to "xref" a VW file into another VW document so that it updates as the xrefed file is revised.

ive uploaded the file and target layer from the organization/references tab, but ahve lost my way from there to actually getting it into the file and placing it in the layer.


thanks in advance.

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Hi Guys,

I'm wondering if anyone out there can assist in setting up some xref files.

Basically, I am producing a set of drawings for retail units. There will be about 40 individual units all of which need the same information shown on the drawings.

Each drawing will consists of a main shell and core plan of the whole building, then a series of drawings:

Location plan

Fitting Out Layout plan

Architectural Layout


Life Safety

The main drawings will be done by my company (fitting out layout, architectural etc) however we then add in services such as hvac, lighting and fire safety services from drawings supplied to us by 3 different sub contractors.

I would like to set up a drawing file that allows me to reference the required fields from each of the consultants drawings in my main file without having to manually copy and paste the symbols from each drawing.

If anyone has a system like this already set up or has any ideas of creating a smooth transition between the drawings it would be really helpful. I'm aware this sounds quite confusing so please contract if you require further information.

(the ain aim of this is to prevent our drafters from having to indivually copy out the services from the 3 contractors drawings and aste in to ours as when this happens there are always addional classes etc that get copied in to the new drawings etc and it is very messy and time consuming. Also if the contractors drawings are updated it means we then have to delete the info off our drawing and re copy and paste the revised infor in. I think this is not very effective.

Many thanks


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