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Which GPU card?

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Planning to make a hackintosh to run VW specifically. Using a core i7 3770 with HD4000 graphics. Is anything other than the OpenGL rendering accelerated by the GPU in VW.

I would like to know if there are any advantages to going with AMD over Nvidia. And is a card like gtx 680 an overkill for VW. I wouldn't mind using OpenGL with shadows in the best settings all the time, if it is smooth with a high end card.

Any insight will be greatly appreciated.


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Here's what I got from tech support on this issue:

>GeForce without question. Quadro cards market themselves towards CAD

>programs but when it comes to moving around in Vectorworks, especially

>in OpenGL, the GeForce line is far superior and more stable.


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thanks grant.

Normally the GPU questions on this forum go unanswered. I see that you yourself are using a Quadro card.

What are your experiences with and without the card. Considering that Quadros are multi thousand dollar cards, what do they add to the vectorworks experience.

Is it also that, the card is more useful for very big models in VW and not particularly useful (or value for money) if one is only doing small residential work.

Thanks again.

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I cannot say anything bad about the quadro that I have. I find that it performs fantastically. That said, I find that everything my office computer does is fantastic in comparison to my field laptop.

My laptop currently has an integrated graphics chip, not a graphics card per se. So I can't really comment on whether the card in my workstation is worth it, or if I have wasted money and could have had the GeForce.

I am currently looking into a new laptop, which is why I contacted tech support regarding graphic cards. I was surprised that they were so gung ho on GeForce cards, and so lackluster on Quadro.

I'm willing to take their advice though, and go for a high end GeForce card rather than Quadro.

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