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Split Screen View

Neil Marshall


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For me the option to place a view where you need it would be better.

Single as is now, but the ability to choose a split view and to grab and resize to taste each view and place it where you need it, on a second, third or forth screen, depending on what you have available.

That would be preferable.

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I was asked this question earlier this year and had a go at it late one night.

I mainly wanted an isometric rendered preview pane, and it was quite effective for the most part.

See attached now.

Two Vectorworks windows open. One main file, design layers and all, this is the 'Working Document'. Then a second document open, this is the 'Preview Document'.

Within the Preview document I referenced the Working document, and created a Design Layer Viewport using data from the Working document onto the Preview document's design layer. Anytime the reference file link is updated in the Preview document the flow-on effect update the Design Layer Viewport, meaning it's like a isometric preview panel.

The point I stopped is when I hit a little issue of self updating time periods. I tried to alter the reference settings from the Organisation panel to auto refresh every minute, (I tried 0.1 mins but it wouldn't take it, Darn!), but it seems that this function isn't instantious anyway. It relies on saving of the source file... so I set the autosave to 1 min also for the Working Document. This has a flow-on effect, (depending how quickly you could open the two files respective to each other), of creating the required kick to force the update. All would be fine, except for the unavoidable dialog asking if you would like to update the references that are out of date, (no lovely do this every time check box here!).

So is it possible, sort of.

If there was a script that could run in the background and force an update of the reference file, which it should be noted when done manually applies changes even though the Working Document hasn't been saved, every 10seconds or so with no questions asked you'd be set!

Anyways, good luck getting this implemented as a feature, I'm doubting VW has the power to support multiple windows in this capacity. Perhaps a preview pane style maybe.



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