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Area Polygons... or just closed polygons

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Something that hass bugged me from day one is Vectorworks apparent lack of accuracy in locating the end points of arcs and lines such that having constructed a set of arcs and lines describing a closed area (but not actually a VW polygon) Vectorworks is then unable to 'combine into surface' this closed area because (I assume) some of the lines and arcs don't quite touch. Is there a way around this in VW8.5.2? without having to extend the arcs a little further in their circle so that they go past the end point of the line and then drawing a third line that crosses the arc and the line at their supposed point of intersection.....This is what I have been doing. very time consuming. It's all very imprecise and annoying and I need some help.


Also is there a way to accurately draw a polygon with a mix of arcs and straight line segments? I know there is I just find it very confusing and never know when the arc is going to stop and the line start. If you know what I mean.

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#2 - Yes, you can do that. Use the polyline tool with the various vertex modes, then convert the object to a polygon. If you want it closed, you can checkmark "closed" in the OIP.

As for the arc and line issue. You cannot select a few arcs and lines and have it convert into a polygon. You need to combine the arcs and lines with the connect tool. That will give you a polyline which you can convert to a polygon with the "convert to polygon" command under Tool.

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